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Built by a design entrepreneur for design entrepreneurs, MAHA was born out of a desire to create a comprehensive approach to supporting creative businesses. We are the first business growth platform focused on sustainable brands in the world of luxury interiors. Our key differentiator? We create integrative business frameworks that are designed specifically for highly-creative brains.

Decades of experience helping creatives, as well as research in the field of neuroscience has revealed that highly creative minds have tendencies and thus needs that often go unmet with typical business support approaches.

MAHA seeks to empower the best creative voices of today and tomorrow who are trying to make an impact with highly crafted, purpose-driven brands that embrace sustainability, using the latest neuroscience on creativity and a holistic ethos.

We offer individual support for aspiring brands as well as group learning opportunities. The focus is on helping you get through all the tedious to-dos, while developing structures, routines, and relationships that synergize, save you time, maximize results revenue, and most importantly, feel deeply enjoyable to you, the creative personality.

We’re changing the conversation on what driving a successful creative business means. Real sustainable success happens when income freely flows alongside authenticity, a sense of purpose, equilibrium, and joy.

Our mission is to grow ideas the world needs more of. Let us help you transform what the future looks like.

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Unapologetically Different.

Hi. I’m super passionate about being a holistic business strategist, advisor, and promoter for sustainable luxury brands. But how did I get here?

Technically I’m a Bostonian, born and raised. But my true “person” is half-Latina half-Arab; born from immigrant parents, my mother, Costa Rican, and my father, Syrian.

They raised me with the notion that

living well is both a pleasure and a responsibility.

Today this ethos echoes in the creative work that excites me–highly curated, process-driven businesses focused on creating collectible objects.
As a Costa Rican-Syrian-American, I grew up with three distinct perspectives, learning to find harmony in the the seemingly incompatible.

Today my instincts are to seek out the unseen patterns and connections in everything.

After college, I spent five years abroad studying some of the finest antiquities in the western world at Sothebys London, taking in an exploding street art & electronic music scene on the streets of East London, and living in Amsterdam having my mind blown daily by the Dutch populist design revolution of the early aughts.

I still find work that challenges our perceptions the most compelling.

By the mid-Aughts I was immersed in New York City, growing top brands in the design industry ever since, even launching my own lighting brand in 2013. The rigor of NYC produces incredible outcomes, but it can also fuel some unhealthy patterns that lead to burnout. I’ve learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t. I’m blessed to have spent the last 12 years alongside my career studying a plethora of energy systems, and getting certifications in neuroscience-backed therapies which have made dramatic contributions to my own career and the careers of those I work with.

I work with creatives who know deep down that success means cultivating material results AND inner prosperity.

That’s real sustainability.




Maha does more than get the job done. She provides tools that are self improving and guides you in making them self evolving. Her knowledge is vast and she integrates everything she has learned, coupling it with masterful organizational skills in innovative mind-bending ways. With her by your side, she makes the unsurmountable feel digestable, helping you see the bigger picture as well as all the mainutae in order to create cohesive total solutions.



Maha provides invaluable insight and stewardship as a guide for the development and growth of an individual voice or collective brand voice. I have worked with Maha for over five years and her integrity and intelligence span across all that she does.


Consistently one of the industry’s top sales minds and strongest performers in my years working with her.



Maha has the keen ability to listen and observe with empathy, quickly get to the root of the situation and provide both immediate and long term actionable solutions. Her holistic approach embodies a wonderful balance of intellect, spirituality and business savvy with an emphasis on wellness, which has been incredibly beneficial to the health and success of my creative endeavors.


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Maha Mamish has spent the last two decades growing sustainable luxury product brands in the U.S. and Europe enabling her to inspire creative audiences with a holistic approach to business. As an accomplished mentor in creative excellence, Maha uses a 360 approach focused on business growth and personal wellness, in sustainable harmony. At the core, her approach empowers creative audiences to use their brain’s innate superpowers to excel in all areas of life. Topics of expertise include:

Overcoming The Fear
Of Sales

Getting Clients to Trust In Your Creative Process

Navigating The U.S. Luxury Market As A Foreign Brand

Prospecting: A New Model for Creatives

Conflict Resolution
Paradigms For A LOW Stress Workplace

How the Neuroscience
Of Creativity Can Improve Your Business

How Sustainability
Increases Your Bottom Line

how emerging light science will chnage the future of design

Let’s build a beautiful, sustainable future together.

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