MAHA is the first comprehensive support system for designers & makers growing sustainable luxury product brands. Why? Because after two decades of building creative businesses, here’s my biggest takeaway: highly creative entrepreneurs need more than conventional business formats. MAHA offers you total support, meaning a whole approach for a whole you. Creatives prosper when all the parts work together, synergistically.

WELLTH is the

Sales Consulting

The Credo

Creativity is Scientific

Following a prescriptive 1-2-3 plan of spreadsheets and to-do lists is not going to motivate your creative self into success. You need a scientifically-backed approach to business that acknowledges your creative brain.

A Life’s Work

As a creative entrepreneur, you know there’s no separation between you and your business. Progress involves strengthening you AND your business as a single, collective unit.

As Above, So Below

If you’ve chosen to make sustainable products, then you’re probably someone who believes choices matter because everything is ultimately connected. As above, so below. Holistic thinking is at the heart of what we do.


The Method


Craving next level success? Work with MAHA hand in hand on a customized plan tailored to your goals, and then execute it together. Learn what works for versus against you. Develop strategies that amplify the right kind of growth. Immerse yourself in a world of best-in-class industry names. Make productive relationships that last. Experience a new level of prosperity and creative fulfillment then ever before.


Explore together in a community of other sustainably-minded creatives. Master best practices to grow a luxury design brand while learning what to avoid. Get all your questions answered. Review case studies and an ongoing business development curriculum that’s relevant to creative business owners. Learn inside info from leading industry experts. Discover surprising and effective ways to invest in yourself that make your business stronger.

Sales Representation

The Credo

Revenue should grow without the headaches or dread. We believe in innovation, integrity, and win-win relationships. The world is begging for your material solutions and human-focused thinking, and we’re here to show you off to the people that matter.

The Method

Our goal is to get you the right kind of business. Whether it’s helping you launch with the right partners, or driving your B2C growth directly, we invite you to join a family of like-minded brands and buyers who are excited to own your sustainable creations.

A Sales Framework For Powerful Creatives

Our framework addresses the interrelated areas that often prove challenging for creative businesses, redefining best practices through the lens of your many strengths. The goal is to help you build new opportunities, experience sales without the anxiety, and structure you for maximum revenue with minimum headaches.


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The Results

Here’s a few of the ways you get to meet your goals:

Discover business practices and strategies that work and are relevant to creative personalities.

Find out how to build a sales organization that needs less of your time.

Learn from a diverse set of industry insiders, marketing minds, digital strategy experts, specifiers in hospitality, and more.

Understand how to get through any moment of conflict within your organization or with clients.

Master your nervous system by developing easy routines that effectively dramatically reduce stress.

Learn leadership skills that feel comfortable and authentic.

Let’s build a beautiful, sustainable future together.

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